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SHAIMA- Outsider (Visualiser)

SHAIMA- Outsider (Visualiser)

“It was important that I explored my ethnicity through my music. My music isn’t fusion as such — I like to think of it as pop with some chilli powder on it. […] It’s about saying who I am, what I believe, and what comes from my heart.”


Featured Work

Shaima is a young, dynamic singer with a huge creative edge. 


She started in the music industry from the age of 14 conquering different music competitors and carried through studio sessions continuously despite the challenges of uniting her mixed cultural identity.

Her soul belongs to pop, hip-hop and R&B  without forgetting her origins using a mix of beats of traditional instruments like sitar, Arabic flute & tabla. 

Seeing a lot of similarities between the two cultures, she has always had a vision for combining Eastern and Western culture in a way that brings the two together in unity. This she succeeds ongoingly to do in music through creative yet deeply meaningful lyrics which represent a lot of todays hardships, pushing through difficult topics that some would not like to talk about.


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